1974 440-Magnum, High Performance, HT Dodge Charger

SOLD ... This car has been purchased by a Mr. Norm's performance enthusiast and a recognized and reputable name in performance and classic cars.  We invite you to bookmark this page and come back for progress reports. Considering the car's historical significance (last Mr. Norm 440 production performance car, last 440 Charger out of the Lynch Plant, and so far the last uncontested factory-built performance 440 Charger in history), it's new owner is tentatively planning a complete restoration to be followed by its historical value presentation.  So please come back for updates.

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Original Owner, Original Condition Survivor Car
Unique Vehicle with Many Desirable Features

Here are the Figures at a Glance:

Only 208 total 440 High Performance 1974 Chargers were built.  Of the hardtop 440 High Performance Chargers built at the Lynch plant, only 7 are known to still exist.  This is one of those 7.  It is also the last known 440 hardtop Charger to have rolled off the Lynch plant assembly line.  Presently uncontested, this car is the last Charger in 440 High Performance Production car history.


  • Nr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge Car
  • The Last 440 Performance Production Car  sold by Mr. Norm
  • Only 1  of 7 1974 440 hardtop Chargers built at the Lynch plant known to still exist.
  • Of 440 hardtop Chargers known, this is the last one that rolled off the assembly line at the Lynch plant.
  • Assembled just before the production line shut down for 74 model year, this presently stands uncontested as the last 440 Charger ever made 
  • Original Owner
  • Original Condition - A True Survivor Car
  • 61,160 True and Actual Miles
  • In Storage for the last 25 years
  • Complete With All Documentation
  • Galen Govier Registered
  • Every Performance Option Available in 1974
  • Located in the Chicago Area

Equipment and Options

  • Dodge Charger 2-Door Hardtop
  • Rallye Package that provided Power Bulge Hood, Rallye Instrument Cluster, Body Side Tape Stripes, Hood Pins, Rear Sway Bar, Special Tires
  • Performance Axle Package (See Note A)
  • 440 Magnum Engine, 727 Torqueflite Trans.
  • Bucket Seats
  • Center Shift Console with Slap-Stick feature
  • Inside Hood Release
  • Front Disc Brakes
  • Outside Chrome Racing Mirrors

Originality Notes

  • Underbody, floor boards, and trunk floor are solid with no rust, in nearly new condition.
  • Original 33-year old Factory Exhaust System still on the vehicle (but needs replacing).
  • Original Ignition Wires - 
    Code Marked GH-AQ-73
  • Original Alternator, Water pump, Power Steering Pump, Starter, etc. - all works..
  • Carburetor is original
  • Radiator is original in very good, no leaks, and with much of its original black finish. 
  • Only the Wire Wheel Covers are no longer with the vehicle.  This was before locking covers and mine were stolen.  I do have the original steel wheels.  The Mag. wheels you se in the photos are aftermarket (popular back then).
  • All front-end parts shown removed in photos are the original factory parts,  have been in storage for the last 25 years, are in great rust-free condition, and will come the car.  This includes every nut, bolt, and washer.

Condition Notes

  • Car is 100% solid and has never been in an accident.
  • This car has never been raced (street or strip), and other than getting on it only occasionally (you don't own a 440 Charger without putting you foot to the floor once in a while unless you are a total nerd), I really babied it.
  • Car does have some minor dings, easily repairable.  It also has a couple small and easily repairable minor rust points on each side and those are declared in 2 photos below.   There will be no rust surprises when you come out to see it.
  • Driver seat does have a seam tear.  Passenger seat, rear seat, inside door coverings are in excellent condition with no flaws and are quite clean.  A good cleaning will make them mint.
  • Dash covering does have a couple cracks.
  • Instrument Cluster in like new condition.
  • Interior carpet is about a good as you will ever see an original carpet in a driven car let alone one this old.  It is in like new condition.  Shoes have hardly ever touched it.  Shortly after I got the car, I completely covered every inch of the carpet with another carpet and only now removed it for the car's sale.
  • Engine has almost never seen unleaded fuel.  Most of the miles were put on while leaded fuel was still available.  Later when it disappeared or was harder to get, I used Lead Supreme 130 additive.

Vehicle History

On October 8, 1974, I walked in the Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge Showroom and purchased off the showroom floor the last 1974 440 Magnum Charger he had - my first new car.   I remember there was also one remaining 400 car there, but I chose the 440.

For the less than the next 8 years, I drove this car in fair weather only.  With the intention of keeping this car forever and in perfect condition, I started a restoration project on the front end.  The reason was that some surface corrosion and surface rust was beginning to show on the inside fender wells, fender mount rail, and various bolt-on front-end parts particularly the headlight mounting structure and around it.   My goal was to catch this before it became a problem and at a time when restoration back to perfect factory condition would have been an easy de-scaling and repainting job making use of the original factory parts.  In fact, not a single part removed needed to be replaced.  So all the original factory equipment is reusable.  

I removed the bolt-on front-end parts to blast, clean, and repaint anything where it's painted surface had come off over the previous 8 years.   For reasons long forgotten, the project became suspended and put on hold - for what I thought at the time was only temporary but has turned out now to be 25 years.

For the last 25 years this car has been in storage along with all the front-end parts that includes original rust-free fenders.  The last license plate registered for this car is still on it - dated 1982.  I did in 1991 with intentions to restart the restoration at that time, shipped and received back most of the smaller front-end part out for blasting and refinishing.  These included all the metalwork around headlights.

Because I don't know when I will be able to return to this project, it is with much chagrin and counter advice from friends and family, that I have decided to put this car on market and will sell it for the right offer.

I left the car exactly as is for sale rather that reassemble the front end, as I was advised by a few experts it would be more sellable exactly as is, and to leave the decision regarding assembly and what  restoration should be done up to the new owner.  Also, being perfectly honest 25 years of storage in a garage has taken a little toll on the vehicle in general and I would assume a new owner would want to undertake a restoration project to return this car to like new condition.  Please know in advance that this car (body)  is not perfect but well worth making it so.

The drive train is however in excellent working condition.  The car runs perfectly and drives and all accessories work (alternator, power steering, brakes), and you will be able to drive up the ramps on a trailer, and drive it after assembly or restoration without engine or transmission work.

Maintenance over the last 25 years

Rest assured the engine and drive train have been maintained over the 25 year storage period.  Oil has been changed and the engine run regularly and driven on my property.  The engine is extremely quiet with no lifter or other noises.  MP3 file of it running is below. 

The microphone is at the engine compartment but most of what you hear is a noisy exhaust.  After 33 years the original exhaust system needs replacing.

Read further down on this page to view a video.


A)  The Performance Axle Package was a a special factory performance option not listed in the sales brochure's option list and was orderable only by the performance dealers, like Mr. Norm. It provided Sure-Grip, a 3:55 Ratio Gear Set (the highest ratio available in 74), and the maximum cooling capacity system. The maximum cooling capacity system provided a 7-blade fan and high capacity radiator. This is the same cooling system you got if you ordered the Heavy-Duty trailer towing package, but on that package the highest gear ratio you could get was 3.23. So the Performance Axle Package was the only way of getting Sure-Grip, 3.55 ratio, and maximum cooling together and factory-installed.


The Documentation that the Buyer will receive will include:

  • Original Title
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • The actual cancelled check that was used to buy the car
  • The Retail Purchase Contract
  • Original Window Sticker
  • The Advance Dealer Shipping Notice
  • The Broadcast Sheet
  • Original Warranty Card
  • The Key Tag (with original keys)
  • Owners Manual
  • Sales Brochure
  • My Membership Card (No. 8906) to the Mr. Norm's Sport club that was given with the vehicle purchase
  • Galen Govier's Registry Document
  • Duplicate of original title without sold information such as date and signatures (for display at shows).

Viewing and Inquiries

This car in located in Des Plaines, IL (near Chicago's O'Hare airport).  I am an individual selling this car and not a dealer or broker.  I am the owner.  Viewing is by appointment only.  Serious buyers only.



Contact Information




So there is no mistake that this car runs and drives, following is a short QuickTime video.  That and with all front-end parts in good rust-free condition, after purchase and other than a muffler and tail-pipe, this can be a no-investment car if the new owner wishes.  Just put bolt the parts back on and drive it.

To show that the drive train is strong and that the engine has all the original 440 torque and power, I show that it has no problem breaking free the huge 10-1/2 inch wide L50-15 rear tires.


Note: To view this movie you must have the free Apple QuickTime player install on your computer.  If you don't you can get it at the Apple web site.


While viewing photos of the car, please remember I have all the original body parts from the front of the car in storage and in great rust-free condition.

Also, questions have been asked (even since this posting) why I removed the parts in the first place.  The answer to that question is fully explained in "Vehicle History" as well as why I have left them off for this sale.  Thanks.


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  1. The lighter areas you see in the raw trunk photos is newspaper and not corrosion or rust.  Shortly after I bought the car, I sprayed a protective coating over the trunk floor.  After waiting for it to dry, I laid newspaper down before putting down the trunk mat just to make sure the mat did not stick to the trunk floor.  Well after 33 years the mat did not and was very well preserved, but the some newspaper stuck to the coating.  I left it as is.  It's new owner can use a heat gun to peel off the paper or can leave it if you wish to show, for nostalgic value, a protective measure performed by the original owner.  A date on one of the newspapers is December 1974.  Which ever you choose to do, the original preservation worked as this trunk is entirely rust-free.
  2. The arrows point to the only rust on the car body.  All the rest of the car is rust free.